User Guidelines

These User Guidelines were developed to help make every envoyy experience a safe, respectful, and positive one. They apply to everyone who uses the envoyy website and app. Everyone who signs up for an envoyy account is required to follow our User Guidelines.

Following these guidelines will ensure continued access to envoyy. Behaviour that is contrary to these guidelines can and will lead to lost access to envoyy and being banned from the platform. If we’re made aware of potentially problematic behavior, or you are deemed to have violated any applicable terms of use, terms of the contractual agreement you agreed to when signing up for an envoy account, or any of these User Guidelines, we may contact you so we can look into it. We may, at our sole discretion, put a hold on your account until our investigation is complete. Additionally, when law enforcement is involved, we will cooperate with their investigation.

The guidelines may be updated at our discretion. Please take a moment to review them.

  1. Treat everyone with respect
    Treat your fellow envoyy users and people you may interact with during all envoyy shifts as you with respect. Your actions can have a big impact on the safety and comfort of others. That’s why courtesy matters and why you’re expected to exercise good judgement and behave decently toward other people when using envoy online, or on shift. During your envoyy interactions, please show respect to others at all times, regardless of differences. Everyone should feel supported and welcomed when they use envoyy.We’ve created standards on physical contact, sexual assault and misconduct, threatening and rude behavior, discrimination, and reliability.

    1. Physical contact
      Hitting, hurting, or otherwise intending to hurt anyone is never allowed.
    2. Sexual assault and misconduct
      Sexual assault and sexual misconduct of any kind is prohibited. Personal space and privacy should be respected. Behaviours and comments that could make people feel uncomfortable are not acceptable. Additionally, certain conversations that could be perceived as harmless can be offensive. Refrain.
    3. Threatening and rude behavior
      Aggressive, confrontational, and harassing behavior is not allowed. Don’t use language or make gestures that could be disrespectful, threatening, or inappropriate.
    4. Discrimination
      All envoyy users should always feel safe and welcome. We don’t tolerate users engaging in conduct we’ve determined to be discriminatory. Do not discriminate against someone based on traits such as their age, colour, disability, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under relevant law.
    5. Reliability
      For service providers: Clients rely on envoyy to meet their care needs. Therefore, if a service provider is hired or agrees to a job, they must show up for their shift on time and as scheduled. No-shows and last-minute cancellations should also be avoided. Service providers who don’t adhere to these rules will be warned by envoyy administration and may have their account suspended.Reliability also means showing up in the proper attire and being willing and able to complete the work as described and as agreed to.For clients: Clients should provide accurate descriptions of their working conditions and expectations, such as service provider roles and tasks, when posting jobs and when communicating with applicants. Clients should not ask a service provider to perform roles or tasks outside of the pre‑described functions. Also, unless it’s unavoidable, clients should take care to cancel any jobs at a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the job start time. The same is true for any changes to job details.
  2. Help keep one another safe
    Everyone has a role to play in helping to create a safe envoyy community. That’s why we have implemented the following standards on account creation, sharing, account holder age, and more.

    1. Profile information verification
      Each user’s email address which is used to register an account will be verified. The image uploaded as part of a profile must be a clear photo of the user, with their face clearly visible. Graphics, avatars, charactertures, screenshots, etc. are not permitted. Accounts will be put on hold if either situation is not adhered to.
    2. Photo identification
      Everyone who registers an envoyy account must provide envoyy with a piece of government-issued photo identification for verification purposes, prior to their account being activated. In situations where the user does not have government-issued photo identification, they must provide an alternate piece of government ID AND have their identification verified by a third party, who must submit a government-issued photo identification.
    3. Account sharing
      Account sharing is not allowed. To use envoyy, each client and service provider needs to register their own account. Don’t let another person use your account, and never share your login credentials with anyone else.
    4. People under the age of 18
      You must be 18 years or older to have and use an envoyy account. For clients under the age of 18, a caregiver may create an account and seek care services on their behalf.
    5. Provide a safe space
      When working in a client’s home, all effort should be made to provide a safe area that makes service providers feel welcome. Again, both clients and service providers should exercise good judgment and behaviour.In case of an emergency or if you find yourself in immediate danger, alert your local authorities or emergency services, before notifying envoyy.
  3. Follow all laws
    Everyone is responsible for knowing and obeying all applicable laws at all times when using envoyy and working in an envoyy capacity.Intentionally falsifying information, assuming someone else’s identity, or creating duplicate accounts isn’t allowed, and in most cases illegal. It is important to provide accurate information when building your profile, including your job experience and certifications, and for clients it’s equally important to not ask service providers to perform a role or task beyond what was agreed upon, including lengthened shifts or lower wages.In addition, drug use and consumption of alcohol are never allowed while working an envoyy shift.
  4. Your feedback matters
    Our team is continuously working to improve our platform and our standards, and your feedback is important to keep our standards relevant as our technology evolves. If something happens, whether it’s good or bad, we make it easy for you to let us know. Simply contact our customer service team through our email address,, and one of our team members will look into the issue, before following up.

    1. Ratings
      After every shift, service providers and clients will be given an opportunity to rate each other on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, as well as give feedback on how the shift went. This feedback system helps create a respectful, safe, and transparent environment for everyone.

Thank you for joining us in creating a safe envoyy community!