Navigating the world of respite care can be straining for families of individuals living with disabilities, whether children or adults. With finances already stretched thin, limited hours available for dealing with the administrative tasks related to respite care, and the critical responsibility of seeking respite workers to take care of their loved one, finding and accessing qualified, trusted, and available help becomes a struggle.

During a recently held forum with families and caregivers of Manitobans living with disabilities, we heard the same message repeated over and over again. The caregivers overwhelmingly expressed how difficult they found the process of finding qualified and available disability service providers, who were equally willing to work for the wages being offered through government funding. The families were absolutely committed to hiring the best help, had access to funding, and approval to hire respite care, but still found it considerably challenging to find consistent help. As a result, they were left to chase after word-of-mouth recommendations, post classified ‘help wanted’ ads on social media networks, share extremely personal information in public domains with no guarantee of responses, and as a last result, rely on family members to step up where possible, or hire less-than-ideal candidates where not possible.

Those in attendance were emotional as they admitted how the process of connecting with qualified caregivers is taxing for families, especially when it’s a recurring situation, as it requires a huge investment of time, finances, energy, and dedication. And when they can’t find assistance for a few hours a week from disability service providers whom they can trust, over time the resulting stress takes a toll on the family’s relationships and may lead to burnout and breakdowns.

The feedback we received identified a significant need for the families who were polled – that of accessing qualified and vetted help from disability service providers, often at short notice and for short shifts.

We listened. envoyy solves these problems by providing a secure, intelligent online marketplace for families and caregivers to connect with the right service providers and find the support they need to effectively manage their unique respite care process. The platform’s filters and matching algorithms lead to more refined searches and connections, while visual scheduling tools, built-in instant messaging, and a secure online payment system allow for streamlined handling of paperwork and administrative tasks.