Derek Day

Manager, Community Inclusion and Support Services

W: (204) 975-3006 | C: (204) 918-0146 |
“I’ve seen far too many clients struggle to find respite or home care workers and I’m excited to be on the envoyy team to make innovative changes to how clients can access and manage their supports.”

Saurabh Prasad

Creative Director, Concept Labs
We are thrilled to partner with Manitoba Possible on this project, building technology to solve a real-world problem that makes an observable and immediate difference in the lives of Manitobans. We love the thought of providing technological means for Manitobans to be more independent.

Lindsey Cooke

Director, Provincial Services at SMD

W: (204) 975-3268 |
We held two forums in November and listened to the needs of families and individuals in our community who are struggling to access qualified, trusted, and available help. Envoyy is here to help mitigate those issues of safety and security to bring about change in our community.

David Kron

Program & Membership Director, CPAM

We represent over 386 members throughout the Province of Manitoba. At least weekly, I hear from members looking for qualified respite workers or personal care attendants. Access to these supports is critical to the health and well-being of persons with disabilities and their families.