Working as a service provider in Manitoba requires determination, tenacity, a willingness to chase job leads across multiple websites and social media platforms, and the courage to enter into non-formalized agreements where they aren’t assured of timely payments, personal safety, or job requirements/boundaries. Additionally, service providers working in respite care find it challenging to connect with clients whose needs closely match their own availability, skill set, and preferred rate of pay.

During a recently held forum with local service providers, it became clear that they largely exist as an informal network, making do with arrangements that rarely see them maximizing their availability, use of their knowledge and qualifications, or earning their worth in terms of certifications and experience, settling for less out of necessity. As a result, the feedback received identified a significant need for the service providers who were polled – that of accessing a secure method for connecting with clients whose needs are closely matched to their own abilities, and a means of filling available schedule openings last minute to top up earnings from other commitments (i.e. flexible scheduling).

We listened. envoyy solves these problems by providing a secure, intelligent online marketplace for service providers to connect with the right families and caregivers. The platform’s filters and matching algorithms lead to more refined searches and connections, while simplifying the administrative tasks related to communicating with clients, booking and scheduling jobs, and invoicing and receiving payments.