Direct Service Provider Rapid Recruitment Initiative

What is the Direct Service Provider Rapid Recruitment Initiative?

The Direct Service Provider Rapid Recruitment Initiative is a strategy funded by the Government of Manitoba that aims to identify individuals who are ready for employment, connect them with job opportunities across the province and present them with a unique opportunity to expand their skills.  This initiative was developed to address some of the staffing challenges that community agencies across the province have been facing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

envoyy was created to connect qualified direct service providers with individuals and families who need them, for respite support, elder care, personal support and home care.  The Department of Families has partnered with envoyy in order to leverage this innovative technology to allow community agencies to register and recruit those direct service providers in search of employment across the province.  The use of envoyy in this initiative will allow recruitment and onboarding for the disability sector to occur in an efficient manner that meets the needs of both employees and employers.

For more information about the Direct Service Provider Rapid Recruitment Initiative, visit

How are envoyy users vetted and verified?

Each envoyy user will be required to go through the following steps before their account is activated:

  • Verify their email address
  • Provide a copy of a government-issued photo ID, with the info to be matched to their profile details
  • Brief interview by the envoyy customer service team

Additionally, direct service providers can provide proof of valid security checks, which will be noted under their profiles.  These include the:

  • Adult Abuse Registry Check
  • Child Abuse Registry Check (where applicable)
  • Criminal Record Check with vulnerable sector check

If you do not have any of your security checks at the time that you sign up with envoyy, the customer service team will help you apply for the Adult Abuse Registry and Child Abuse Registry checks, and give you information on how to apply for a Criminal Record Check on your own.

Is there training available as part of the recruitment initiative?

Red River College has developed an accelerated, self-directed online program focused on the fundamentals of disability support work.  This program aims to provide a stronger understanding of the skills necessary to ensure the health and safety of residents.

Individuals can be referred to the program either by an agency after they are hired, or after an initial screening by envoyy.  If you are interested in the program please discuss this with the customer service team at envoyy.

Will there be a cost or fee to use envoyy?

There is no cost to registering or using envoyy, either for a direct service provider or an agency for the duration of the recruitment initiative, until the end of May 2021.

As an agency, how do I sign up and post a job?

For instructions on how to sign up as an agency, please view our Agency Sign Up Instructions PDF by clicking the link.

To Post A Job:

There are two ways for agencies to hire a service provider through envoyy, once logged in:

  1. On the landing page you will see search results for all available service providers. You can click on a profile to review a user’s qualifications. While looking at the profile details, you can hit the Contact button to message the service provider directly. Do this if you’d like to ask for further details about their experience, abilities, availability, and suitability. After commencing a chat, if you determine that the service provider will be a good fit for you, you can click the Hire button within the chat window, to offer a one-time shift or continuing position directly to that service provider.
  2. Alternately, you can choose to post a job, which all service providers can then see and have the ability to apply for. Hit the Post a Job button at the top of your screen when you’re logged in. Fill out the pertinent job details, and just like that, your job is posted. You’ll then be able to see who applies for your posted job in the My Jobs tab, by selecting it from the drop-down menu at the top of your screen. You can review each job applicant, with the option to accept or decline their application.

As a direct service provider, how do I apply for jobs?

As jobs get posted by envoyy clients and agencies, you will see them appear in your dashboard when logged in.  If you qualify and are interested in apply for certain posted jobs, you can click on the job to view more details and click the Apply button, which then sends your details to the client for review, hire or refusal.  If a family or individual hires you, you will receive notice and the job details will be added to the Calendar feature in your account.  If an agency would like to hire you, they will contact you with further instructions on how to move forward.

Alternatively, clients may reach out to you individually through envoyy’s messaging chat to let you know of their needs and determine if you’re matched.  If so, they can directly offer you a job, which you have the option to accept or refuse.

What will happen after I accept a job offer with an agency?

If an agency would like to hire you, they will contact you with further instructions regarding the hiring process for their agency.  You may need to complete an interview and provide additional information.  There may be some training that you will be required to take before you can start working, such as First Aid, or you may be able to start right away.

You may choose to keep your profile on the envoyy app even after you are employed, especially if you may be interested in picking up part-time or casual work with an individual or family.

For More Information

For information on how envoyy works if you are wanting to provide care to an individual or a family, rather than be employed with an agency, please visit envoyy’s FAQ page.